Project Anti-Corruption System Standards

PS 3:  Procurement

Many organisations have sophisticated and detailed procurement procedures.  This PACS Standard is not intended to supersede these procedures.  It is intended to recommend some anti-corruption principles with which the project owner’s procurement procedures should comply.

This PACS Standard makes the following recommendations in relation to anti-corruption procurement controls.

  1. Written, fair and transparent procedures:  The pre-qualification, tender and nomination procedures:
    • should be in writing, transparent, and fair
    • should not provide an improper benefit or advantage to any individual or organisation
    • should be operated in a fair and transparent manner
    • should be published.
  2. Procurement controls:  The project owner should adopt procurement controls which accord with the principles contained in Procurement Controls.
  3. Other PACS Standards:  The following PACS Standards will also be relevant to the procurement process:
    • PS 1 Independent assessment:  The independent assessor should monitor the procurement process.  The project owner should permit the independent assessor to be present at all tender submissions, meetings and negotiations, and to review all relevant documents.
    • PS 2 Transparency:  Full details of the procurement process and results should be published to the public.
    • PS 4 Pre-contract disclosure:  The project owner and each tenderer should exchange information during the procurement process. 
    • PS 5 Anti-corruption commitments:  The project owner and each tenderer should exchange anti-corruption commitments during the procurement process. 
  4. This Standard may be implemented on its own.  It is, however, recommended that it is implemented in conjunction with all other PACS Standards, as far as appropriate.

Updated on 10th April 2020