GIACC Organisational Structure

The founding organisation in the GIACC network is the Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre Limited (GIACC).  It is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee registered in England.  It is led by Neill Stansbury and Catherine Stansbury who are GIACC’s founders and GIACC’s directors.

There are nine GIACC national Affiliates in Colombia, Italy, Germany, Mongolia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  The Affiliates are part of the international GIACC network, and lead the promotion of GIACC’s objectives in the Affiliate’s home country.  The relationship between GIACC and the national Affiliates is that of organisations which are legally and financially independent, but which are affiliated to each other through a common name and objective.

GIACC has formed anti-corruption Alliances with two international organisations, three regional organisations, and 18 national organisations in 15 countries.  These organisations with which GIACC has formed an alliance are independent of GIACC, and are not part of the GIACC network.  Under these Alliances, GIACC and these organisations agree to work together in the infrastructure sector to promote the implementation of anti-corruption measures as an integral part of government, corporate and project management.

Advice and guidance to the GIACC network on how to achieve its objectives is provided by GIACC’s Advisory Council.

The GIACC Affiliate Council comprises representatives from GIACC and from the GIACC Affiliates.  Its purpose is to help exchange ideas and co-ordinate activities between different GIACC Affiliates, and between the Affiliates and GIACC.

Through its network of Affiliates, and its Alliances and Council Members, GIACC is able to achieve international outreach to over 110 countries in promoting good anti-corruption practice, as illustrated by the maps below.  GIACC Affiliates, Council Members and national Alliance partners promote good anti-corruption practice in the countries in which they are based.  GIACC regional and international Alliance partners promote good anti-corruption practice to their national members.

1.   GIACC national outreach through its Affiliates, Council Members and National Alliances


2.    GIACC regional outreach through its Regional Alliances (FAEO, UPADI and SPEA)

3.    GIACC international outreach through its International Alliances (WFEO and WCCE)


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Updated on 21st November 2023