Anti-Corruption Training - Resources

GIACC provides the following free of charge anti-corruption training resources:

  • on-line anti-corruption training module
  • anti-corruption training manual.

See below for details.

GIACC On-line Anti-Corruption Training Module

GIACC has published a free on-line anti-corruption training module. This is available in seven languages.  This module can be used by individuals, and also by professional institutions and organisations as part of their formal training for their members and personnel.  It is aimed primarily at middle and senior management, particularly those involved in procurement, tendering, sales and marketing, design, project management, claims management, commercial management, financial management, legal, compliance, and internal audit.

For further information on the module, and to commence the module, go to the relevant language link below:

GIACC/Tl(UK): Anti-Corruption Training Manual

GIACC and Transparency International (UK) have published a free Anti-Corruption Training Manual.  It is designed specifically for the infrastructure sector.  The Manual aims to help users achieve a better understanding of corruption and how to avoid it.  It can be used by individuals and by organisations as part of their corporate training.  The Manual is available in the following versions.

Anti-Corruption Training Manual – (International Version)

Anti-Corruption Training Manual – (England & Wales Version)

(Note that the comments on specific laws in the England & Wales version are as at 2011, so are not up to date).

Guidance on implementing anti-corruption training

See Training Guidance for guidance on how an organisation can implement anti-corruption training procedures for its relevant personnel and business associates.

Other Resources

ACET – Global Anti-Corruption Education and Training initiative has published “Ethicana” which is an anti-corruption film and supporting training materials.

Updated on 25th July 2020