GIACC Affiliates

There are nine GIACC Affiliates which lead the promotion of GIACC’s objective in the Affiliate’s home country.

Each GIACC Affiliate is registered in its home country as a not-for-profit or equivalent organisation.   It is called “GIACC – [Country name]”.

The primary objectives of the GIACC Affiliates are to:

  • raise awareness of corruption; and
  • promote the implementation of effective anti-corruption measures by governments, and by public and private sector organisations.

The majority of the members of the board or controlling body of the GIACC Affiliates are professionally qualified people with close connections with the infrastructure sector.

The following Affiliates have been formed as GIACC national AffiliatesFor further information on the Affiliates click on the links below.





GIACC-South Africa





The lead and co-ordinating organisation in the GIACC network is GIACC-International which is based in the UK.

The GIACC network comprises GIACC-International and the GIACC Affiliates. The relationship between all organisations in the GIACC network is that of organisations which are affiliated to each other through a common name and objectives, but which are legally, financially and operationally independent. Organisations in the GIACC network may not undertake consulting work, or report on or investigate allegations of corruption. No organisation in the GIACC network is responsible for the debts or actions of another organisation in the GIACC network.

For further information, contact GIACC

Updated on 16th May 2024