GIACC-South Africa


GIACC-SA is an independent non-profit company (NPC) based in Cape Town, South Africa, which was established in 2021.  It is an affiliate of GIACC-International.  

GIACC-SA’s Founders & Board of Directors

Anton Krause

Julien Rumbelow

Michael Cohen

GIACC-SA’s Objectives

GIACC-SA is a non-profit company founded to raise awareness on corruption issues.  The main aim is to promote and support anti-corruption measures across the public and private sectors.  Each director has specific business and industry knowledge which provides for unique insight and a source of new ideas on corruption prevention and sustainable development.

GIACC-SA aligns itself with South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) and National Anti-corruption Strategy (NACS) vision.  The vision being:

  • Ethical and accountable state, business, and civil society sectors in which all those parties of power and authority act with integrity.
  • Citizens that respect the rule of law and are empowered to hold those in power to account.
  • A country with zero tolerance of corruption in any sphere of activity and with substantially reduced levels of corruption.

GIACC-SA supports the nine “NACS Pillars”.

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Updated on 9th March 2021