About GIACC-Australia

GIACC-Australia is an independent not-for-profit organization based in Sydney, Australia.  It is an affiliate of GIACC-International.

It was founded in May 2024 by Bruce Wymond.

GIACC-Australia Board of Directors

Bruce Wymond

(Further appointments pending).


GIACC-Australia aims to:

  • Promote best practice anti-corruption principles involving both public and private sectors, on both Australian and international infrastructure projects.
  • Work with government and non-government anti-corruption organizations to address specific aspects and challenges of corruption in the construction sector, seen as the world’s most corrupt industry.
  • Collaborate with professional organizations to enhance anti-corruption measures by combining best practices to provide a robust framework to address corruption on infrastructure projects.
  • Promote  anti-corruption education through tertiary education, by providing access to international best practice initiatives, including online resources provided through the GIACC web platform.
  • Conduct workshops with government departments, enforcement agencies, public sector and private sector organizations, professional institutions, universities and colleges to provide both overall and specific workshops that address an organisation’s educational and risk management needs. 

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Updated on 1st June 2024