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We are very pleased to announce the formation of GIACC-Italy in September 2016.  GIACC-Italy is led by Ciro Strazzeri and Mia Rupcic, and will focus in particular on promoting the implementation by organisations of the new anti-bribery management standard, ISO 37001.




GIACC is developing a network of national affiliates.  An affiliate will promote GIACC’s objectives within a country.  Each GIACC affiliate is registered in its country of operation as a not-for-profit organisation.   It will be called “GIACC - [Country name]”.

The primary objective of the GIACC affiliates is to “promote the implementation of anti-corruption measures as an integral part of government, corporate and project management”.

The majority of the members of the board or controlling body of the GIACC affiliate will be professionally qualified people with close connections with the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors.

The relationship between all organisations in the GIACC network is that of organisations which are legally and financially independent, but which are affiliated to each other through a common name and objective.  They will co-operate to further GIACC’s objective, and may work together on projects on a case by case basis.  No organisation in the GIACC network will be liable for the debts or actions of another organisation in the GIACC network.

The primary organisation in the GIACC network is GIACC - International which is based in the UK (see contact GIACC)

The following affiliates have been formed as national affiliates of GIACC - International:

GIACC - Germany

GIACC - Italy

GIACC - Tunisia

GIACC - Zambia

GIACC - Zimbabwe

For further information, contact GIACC.

Most recent update on 2nd October 2016

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