The Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC) is an independent not-for-profit organisation which provides resources to assist in the understanding, identification and prevention of corruption in the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors.

GIACC Resource Centre

The GIACC Resource Centre provides free on-line information, advice and tools, including:

  • Examples of corruption:   Hypothetical examples of how different types of corruption take place through the project phases.
  • Project Anti-Corruption System (PACS):  A set of measures designed to help prevent corruption on major projects.
  • Anti-corruption measures: Specific anti-corruption measures which an organisation can implement, either separately, or as part of an anti-corruption programme. See index on left of page to access these measures.
  • Anti-corruption training:

  • Dealing with corruption:  Advice on how organisations, individuals and the public can deal with corrupt situations.

Since its launch in 2008, the GIACC Resource Centre has been visited on-line by organisations and individuals from 190 countries.

The above resources can also be accessed through the index on the left of the page.

Who can benefit from GIACC’s resources

GIACC’s resources are provided for the assistance of all those involved in the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors, including governments, project owners, funders, contractors, consulting engineering firms and suppliers of equipment, materials and services.

GIACC’s objective and policy

GIACC’s objective is to promote the implementation of anti-corruption measures as an integral part of government, corporate and project management.

GIACC does not investigate or report on allegations of corruption.

Advisory Council

GIACC has formed an international Advisory Council to advise on how GIACC can achieve its objective, and how the GIACC Resource Centre can be improved. For further information on the council and its members, see Advisory Council.


GIACC has formed anti-corruption alliances with several international, regional and national organisations. ¬†Under these alliances, GIACC and these organisations agree to work together in the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors “to promote the implementation of anti-corruption measures as an integral part of government, corporate and project management”.  For further information, see Alliances.


GIACC is developing a network of affiliates which will be part of the international GIACC network, and which will lead the promotion of GIACC's objectives in the affiliate's home country. For further information, see Affiliates.

GIACC’s location

GIACC’s head office is located in England. However, GIACC operates internationally.

Foundation of GIACC

GIACC was founded in 2008.  For information on its formation, see Foundation of GIACC.


Further information

For further information, contact GIACC.

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