Foundation of GIACC


GIACC was founded in May 2008. 

The primary organisation in the GIACC network is GIACC-International, which is based in England (see Contact GIACC).

GIACC operates internationally, both through GIACC-International and its national affiliates (see Affiliates).

GIACC was founded to fulfill the need for an independent organisation which could develop, publish and promote anti-corruption measures for the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors.

There has been a significant change in attitude over the last ten years towards corruption in these sectors.  Corruption, in the form of bribery, extortion, fraud and cartels, is still widespread in many countries.  However, whereas previously corruption may have been tolerated as a necessary or unavoidable practice, it is now increasingly acknowledged that corruption is unacceptable.  As a result of this change in attitude, a policy of zero-tolerance for corruption is being increasingly adopted by many governments, project owners, funders and companies.  The concern for these stakeholders is no longer whether they should seek to eliminate corruption in their organisations, projects or business dealings, but how to do so.  Consequently, while it is still necessary to continue to raise awareness about corruption, there is a growing need for practical tools and advice as to how to implement anti-corruption measures.

GIACC provides the Resource Centre in order to fill this need.  These resources are provided free of charge, as it is believed that the best chance of reducing corruption is if all governments, project owners, funders, and companies worldwide move towards common anti-corruption practices.  To do this, they need access to best practice resources regardless of their ability to pay.

GIACC was founded by Catherine Stansbury and Neill Stansbury.  They are both lawyers, each with over 30 years’ experience working in the international infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors.  They are the authors of the GIACC Resource Centre.

For further information, contact GIACC.

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Page first published on 1st May 2008