GIACC Affiliate Council

Purpose of the Affiliate Council

The GIACC Affiliate Council comprises representatives from GIACC and from the GIACC Affiliates.  Its purpose is to help exchange ideas and co-ordinate activities between different GIACC Affiliates, and between the GIACC Affiliates and GIACC.

Affiliate Council Members

(Alphabetical order.  See CVs below)

Battsengel Bayarbaatar:  GIACC-Mongolia

Heiko Hellwege:  GIACC-Germany

Anton Krause: GIACC-South Africa

Sam Kundishora:  GIACC-Zimbabwe

Catherine Stansbury:  GIACC-International

Neill Stansbury:  GIACC-International

Ciro Strazzeri:  GIACC-Italy

Luis Tellez:  GIACC-Colombia

Affiliate Council Member CVs

Battsengel Bayarbaatar: GIACC-Mongolia

Battsengel Bayarbaatar is Co-founder and director of GIACC-Mongolia.  He is a lawyer who qualified at the School of Law of the National University of Mongolia, and is a registered Intellectual Property Agent.  He has handled numerous cases involving corporate law, tax law, shareholder rights and international and domestic investments, and has managed due diligence and investigations on numerous commercial contracts and trademark infringements. He was founder of the Mongolian Financial Compliance Association, which provided anti-corruption and ethics training, and raised public awareness of corruption.  He was Counsel to the Compliance Committee of the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce.  He is a member of the Russian Business Ethics Network.

Heiko Hellwege:  GIACC-Germany

Heiko Hellwege is Deputy Chairman of GIACC-Germany.  He is Honorary Professor at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in business law and in the Master’s program in audit, finance and taxation (MAFT).   He is an attorney-at-law, and Managing Partner of PKF WMS Lawyers, Tax Consultants and Notaries in Osnabrück.  He is a member of (1) the Legal Committee of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), Berlin; (2) iuk Enterprise Network in Osnabrück; (3) the Regional Association of Family Entrepreneurs in Münster-Osnabrück; (4) the Association of Berlin Tax Consultations; and (5) the Foreign Lawyers Association (AAV), Hamburg.

Anton Krause: GIACC-South Africa

Anton Krause is Co-founder and director of GIACC-South Africa.  He is a highly experienced corporate and project risk management professional, overseeing project risk on large infrastructural and building developments and is a professionally registered Construction Health and Safety Agent with the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions.  He has over 30 years-experience in business partnerships and operations dealing at directorship, shareholder, and trust levels.  He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Communications and a research Master of Arts in Business Studies.  He is a co-founder and former chairman of ACHASM (The Association of Construction Health and Safety Management) in South Africa, which is a non-profit organisation with national membership.  He has also presented and chaired at built environment conferences at a national level.

Sam Kundishora:  GIACC-Zimbabwe  

Sam Kundishora is Co-founder and Director of GIACC-Zimbabwe.  He is Past President of the African Engineers Forum, Vice Chairman of the World Federation of Engineering Organisation’s Committee on Information and Communication, a member of the World Council of Civil Engineer’s Executive Council, and Permanent Secretary for the Zimbabwe Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.  He was Vice President of the Federation of African Organisations of Engineers, and President of the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers.  He is an electronics, information and communications technology engineer who has worked extensively in academia and industry sectors in Scandinavia and Africa.  He was on a team that pioneered the electronic card key used in the hospitality industry the world over.  He was a founder member of the network of users of scientific equipment in southern and eastern Africa.  He is founder and CEO of the Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network.  He has been a consultant to GTZ and UNESCO, and has served on various Boards in academia and industry.  He received the State President’s Research Council of Zimbabwe certificate of merit for his contribution to the field of Information and Communication Technology.

Catherine Stansbury:  GIACC-International

Catherine Stansbury is Co-founder and Director of GIACC.  She is principal author of the Commonwealth Anti-Corruption Benchmarks and co-author of the GIACC Resource Centre, Project Anti-Corruption System (PACS), Anti-Corruption Training Manual, and Anti-Corruption Code.  She practised as a lawyer from 1982 to 2002, specialising in construction and commercial litigation.  She was involved in numerous major construction projects in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka (including airport, road, bridge, power station, industrial, commercial and residential projects).  Since 2003, she has been developing and promoting anti-corruption measures for the infrastructure sector.  She has worked on anti-corruption projects with the private and public sectors in several countries.  She was from 2006 to 2008 Project Director – Anti-Corruption Systems for Transparency International (UK).  She received an award as one of the “Top 25 Newsmakers for 2007” from the “Engineering News-Record” for her work in preventing corruption in the international construction industry.

Neill Stansbury:  GIACC-International

Neill Stansbury is Co-founder and Director of GIACC.  He is a construction lawyer who has worked for over 40 years in the international infrastructure sector.  He was Chairman of the International Organization for Standardization Anti-Bribery Project Committee which published ISO 37001, Chairman of British Standards Institution Anti-Bribery Working Group which published BS 10500, and Vice Chairman of the World Federation of Engineering Organisation’s Anti-Corruption Standing Committee.  He was independent anti-corruption compliance monitor of Balfour Beatty, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Mabey Bridge.  He is co-author of the GIACC Resource Centre.  He has given anti-corruption presentations and workshops in over 40 countries.  On account of his anti-corruption work, he has received the following awards: as one of the “Top 25 Newsmakers for 2007” from the “Engineering News-Record”; as “International Fellow of the Year” from the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (2008); a Presidential Invitation to become a Fellow of the UK Institution of Civil Engineers (2010); a Leadership Award from the British Standards Institution (2016); and as a Distinguished Friend of Africa from the Federation of African Engineering Organisations (2021).

Ciro Alessio Strazzeri:  GIACC-Italy

Ciro Alessio Strazzeri is Co-founder and Director of GIACC-Italy.  He is an Italian Engineer, who graduated in 1993.  He has considerable national and international experience in the fields of Anti-Bribery and Administrative liability, Social Responsibility of Organisations, Health and Safety, Quality, Environment, Data Protection, Enterprise Risk & Compliance Management, Assessment, Auditing and Training.  He is the President of numerous Supervisory Bodies pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No 231/2001, and is a Corruption and Transparency Risk Analysis consultant on behalf of controlled and subsidiary companies of the Public Administration and major national and international companies.  He is also a trainer and lecturer on anti-corruption issues, both nationally and internationally.  He is President of Asso231, which is a non-profit multi-stakeholder industry association focusing on risk management and the prevention of corruption. He is the author of publications in the field of Anti-Bribery and Corporate Crime. He co-founded the Anti-Bribery Academy International network with offices and affiliates in Italy, Poland, UK, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and India.

Luis E. Tellez:  GIACC-Colombia

Luis E. Tellez is Co-founder and the Director of GIACC-Colombia.  He is a civil engineer from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, with post-graduate studies in Water Resources from the same university.  After working as consultant in Hidrotec and as project manager with the Public Works Ministry in Colombia, he joined Schlumberger, a company specialised in the oilfield. During his tenure with this company he was assigned to several countries in North and South America, Europe and Middle East.  His corporate experience continued with GPU International, an organisation dedicated to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.  His last position was as Vice-President for International Operations, being the President of several Board of Directors for projects in Latin America and Europe.  In recent years, he has dedicated his considerable global experience in the energy sector to help companies in the areas of operations, personnel development, training and compliance.  He is a member of ICONTEC’s Technical Committee 256, and a member of of the Colombian Society of Engineers’ Special Committee on Ethics and Committee on International Relationships.

Responsibility of the Affiliate Council

The Affiliate Council is a co-ordination body.  The Affiliate Council members do not have any decision making authority over any GIACC organisation or affiliate other than the one they represent on the Affiliate Council.  No member of the Affiliate Council has any potential liability or responsibility for any debts of, actions taken by, or publications or statements made by, any GIACC organisation or Affiliate other than the one they represent on the Affiliate Council.  

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Updated on 7th June 2023