Anti-Corruption Forums

The Concept of Anti-Corruption Forums

This section examines anti-corruption forums, which are alliances designed to help prevent corruption in the infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors.

Corruption can only be eliminated in the infrastructure sector if effective action is taken by all parties, including governments, funders, project owners, the companies supplying the work, equipment and services, and the associations and institutions which represent the companies and individuals operating in the sector. Action must be taken simultaneously on both the supply and demand sides.

The development and promotion of effective action can be assisted by the creation of infrastructure anti-corruption forums at national, regional and international level. These forums would be anti-corruption alliances between the participants in the sector. A forum could be predominantly a private sector forum, and involve the industry (represented by business and professional associations, and the companies supplying the work, equipment and services) and civil society (represented by civil society organisations with interests in the infrastructure sector). These private sector forums would agree on anti-corruption actions in the infrastructure sector, and would liaise with governments, project owners, banks and other national bodies to implement these actions. Alternatively, a forum could have a wider membership, and could also include representatives of banks, project owners and/or government.

A forum established in one country could exchange information with and support forums established in other countries.

For advice on the establishment of a national forum, see The establishment of Anti-Corruption Forums in the infrastructure sector. This document contains the following sections:

  • Section 1: The rationale for the establishment of Anti-Corruption Forums in the infrastructure sector.
  • Section 2: Suggested steps for the establishment and operation of a national infrastructure Anti-Corruption Forum.
  • Section 3: Possible issues to be addressed by the national infrastructure Anti-Corruption Forum.

Established Anti-Corruption Forums

UK Anti-Corruption Forum

The UK Anti-Corruption Forum is a private sector alliance of UK business associations, professional institutions, civil society organisations and companies with interests in the domestic and international infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors. It was established in October 2004. The Forum's objective is to create a business environment that is free from corruption, giving rise to fair competition.


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